Honda kicks off 2014 with the All New Honda Accord

January 27, 2014 - Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), Honda’s automobile business unit in the Philippines successfully launched the 9th generation Honda Accord at Blue Leaf Filipinas in Pasay City. Introducing in a luxurious fashion, the Honda Accord, offered in 2.4 S and 3.5 SV variants is bound to set the new standard in its segment.

The 9th generation Accord prides itself of the improved “Honda DNA” of durability, quality and reliability. While maintaining its winning combination of smart packaging and sophisticated styling, the engineers who worked on this Accord, improved on the vehicle’s already impressive fuel economy, fun to drive performance, comfortable ride and cabin quietness with advanced safety features making it the true value for money vehicle in its class.

“I could not think of anything but to start the year right by introducing Honda’s flagship model. With the launch of the All New Accord, we aim to present nothing but a sedan that excels in all areas that customers expect from this segment from exterior to interior;” said Mr. Tatsuya Natsume, HCPI’s President and General Manager in his executive remarks during the launch.

Based on the “dynamic intelligent sedan” exterior concept, the solidly built body panel and perfectly contoured body not only improve the All New Accord’s aerodynamic efficiency but also sport a more elegant and luxurious appearance. Seamlessly complementing the upscale stature of the Accord is the addition of LED daytime running lights, LED brake lights, fog lights, power folding side mirrors with signal lights and, a-first-in-class-feature, LED dualprojector type headlights that hint of what luxury awaits inside.

Though the All New Accord boasts of a smaller and lighter body than its predecessor, it brilliantly demonstrates the Honda design and engineering philosophy of ‘man maximum, machine minimum’. The engineers achieved to extend the interior space; offering generous head, foot and leg room and 450 liters trunk capacity. Matching the Accord’s efficient packaging is the application of the “luxurious modern interior” concept described in these key words: advanced, exhilarating and superior craftsmanship.

Step inside the All New Accord and appreciate the advanced presentation of high quality and class-leading luxury. First thing you will notice are plush leather seats fitted with only the finest choice of interior materials that provide comforting luxury for this executive sedan. Not to mention, both front seats are power adjustable - designed for a more convenient ride and drive. The 3.5 SV variant gets an additional 2-position memory function for the driver seat enabling you to say good bye to cumbersome readjustments.

Once you are comfortably seated, look further and feast your eyes on the innovative onboard infotainment system featuring two colored screens that enhances overall convenience. But, there is one button that has been added to the advanced dashboard design – the push start button. The Smart Key with Push Start System intelligently locks and unlocks the doors without even touching the smart key and a push button to start or turn off the engine. Push it once and a bright, full-color 8-inch screen will activate. This is the intelligent Multi Information Display (i-MID) which shows information such as fuel consumption, trip computer, and pretty much all necessary vehicle information. The smaller of the two screens (located at the bottom) is for the audio system; with an intuitive touch screen, allowing users to effortlessly control the audio setting and music playback. These screens work hand in hand to operate the hands-free telephone function and audio streaming via Bluetooth connectivity, available for the top of the line variant, promoting safety and convenience.The i-MID and audio screen can also be controlled easily via the controls mounted on the leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Cruise in absolute refinement as cabin quietness was also given equal priority. The All New Accord’s Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) levels are significantly improved through strengthening of the body frame and optimizing the application of sound proofing insulation. Helping to achieve this goal further is the efficient application of the Active Noise Control (ANC) and Active Sound Control (ASC). These functions detect cabin noise from a microphone that triggers optimal noise cancelling waves to be emitted from the speakers to remove noise creating a more linear engine sound resulting to a remarkably quiet ride.

What better way to further indulge in a luxurious journey than by placing amenities suited for your rear seat comfort; the All New Accord now has complete rear passenger features. The standard power sunshade for the rear windshield comes with a pair of pull-up window shades. Audio controls are now present at the rear. Another addition exclusive for the top of the line variant, is an auxiliary switch that the rear passenger has access enabling him to adjust the front passenger seat to his liking.

The All New Accord is the first model available in the Philippines that is equipped with Honda’s revolutionary “Earth Dreams Technology”, a next generation set of technological advancements that enhances the engine to greatly improve both fuel efficiency and driving performance. Capable of producing 281 ps at 6,200 rpm, the 3.5-liter Accord is the most powerful Accord ever. In addition to the efficient i-VTEC engineering, the 3.5-liter V6 engine is still accompanied by Honda’s Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) and comes with the 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters for enhanced fuel economy. The 2.4-liter,DOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder model on the other hand, offers 175 ps at 6,200 rpm and comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission also with paddle shifters.

To further help in realizing improved fuel efficiency, all variants of the all-new Accord are now equipped with the Eco Assist system, which consists of theECON mode that controls the engine, drive-by-wire, transmission, and air conditioning performance to improve fuel consumption; and the Eco coaching ambient light that promotes a more fuel efficient driving habit by glowing green when throttle input is light and glowing white when throttle input is heavy.

Together with driving performance and fuel efficiency, one of Honda‘s primary thrusts includes comprehensive methodology on vehicle safety. The All New Accord features a multi-view reverse camera that is capable of displaying in three views (normal, wide, and top down) with dynamic guidelines paired with front and rear proximity sensors, to help in maneuvering. Added to that is the Active Cornering Lights that intelligently provide additional automatic lighting when the driver activates the indicators or turns the steering wheel more than 90 degrees. Another new feature is the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) that automatically pulsates the brake and hazard lights when it senses an emergency stop normally during heavy braking situations. For every one’s peace of mind, the All New Accord is also packed with driver and passenger SRS airbags, side airbags (and curtain airbags for 3.5SV), anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), vehicle stability assist (VSA) and hill start assist.

Brilliantly crafted to deliver a class-leading, luxurious journey, the All New Accord is available in the following suggested retail prices:

     * 2.4 S (5-speed AT with Paddle Shifters) -- Php 1,720,000
     * 3.5 SV (6-speed AT with Paddle Shifters) -- Php 2,097,000

Available in five colors:

     * Modern Steel Metallic
     * White Orchid Pearl (additional Php 20,000)
     * Crystal Black Pearl
     * Carnelian Red Pearl
     * Alabaster Silver Metallic (2.4 S only).


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Honda Refreshes Jazz Color Line-up

November 29, 2013 - Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) excites the motoring community as it offers the already dynamic Jazz in new sporty and invigorating colors – Rallye Red, Modern Steel and Fresh Lime.

The Honda Jazz is one small car that is definitely not small in style, space and substance. Through the years, it has become an icon in the field of mobility as it radiates its own sense of style that is unique and full of life. First presented to the local market in 2004, triggering the emergence of the hatchback niche, the Honda Jazz has revolutionized the small car segment with its complete lifestyle package.

And in constantly surprising its customers with fresh products, HCPI is delighted to offer the Rallye Red color and new pantone Modern Steel that complement the aggressive and sporty styling of the 1.5 liter Jazz. Furthermore, matching the Jazz’ coolness, the Fresh Lime color instantly brings out the fun vibe. Originally offered only for the Jazz 1.5 liter special edition in 2012, the Fresh Lime color makes a comeback in both 1.3 liter and 1.5 liter variants.

The Honda Jazz prides itself in demonstrating how a small car can amazingly encompass considerable amount of space and dynamic styling that perfectly meet the demands of modern lifestyle. In the heart of the Jazz is the i-VTEC engine that works wonders in delivering both powerful performance and outstanding fuel economy, while the ULT (Utility, Long, and Tall mode) seats offer outstanding interior space configurability and versatility. Front dual SRS airbags and anti-lock brake system (ABS) come as standard safety features.

Featuring refreshing colors that complement one’s spirited character, there are definitely more reasons to enjoy the Jazz! The Honda Jazz is available in the following variants with prices at:

     *1.3L S MT -- Php 752,000
     *1.3L S AT -- Php 792,000
     *1.5L V AT -- Php 857,000

It is available in these colors:

     *Rallye Red (1.5 V only)
     *Modern Steel (1.5 V only)
     *Fresh Lime
     *Taffeta White
     *Crystal Black
     *Alabaster Silver (1.3 S only)

Visit or any of the 29 authorized Honda dealerships nationwide.

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New CR-V 2.0 V Modulo Limited Model Now Available

November 19, 2013 - Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) is pleased to announce the availability of the new CR-V 2.0 V Modulo Limited Model.

As one of the pioneer models in the SUV category, the CR-V continues to provide car-like drivability and ride comfort, while providing new features and technologies that enhance driving enjoyment and ownership experience of our most valued customers.

The CR-V 2.0 V Modulo Limited Model builds on these qualities by being equipped with genuine Honda accessories that provide added safety, convenience, and design. The rear camera system connected to the intelligent multi-information display (i-MID) provides added safety and convenience by helping the driver park the CR-V Modulo Limited Model even in tight situations with more ease. Up front, the front fog lights provide added safety and presence. Inside the vehicle, the rear cargo cover provides added confidence by covering your valuables while being easily retractable when not in use.

Finally, providing a unique and bold look to the CR-V 2.0 V Modulo Limited Model is the Modulo front grille. Modulo is Honda’s genuine accessory brand and Modulo accessories are developed in parallel with Honda’s new car development. This assures Modulo accessories with an optimum level of design, functionality and quality unmatched by non-genuine aftermarket accessories.

The suggested retail price for the CR-V 2.0 V Modulo Limited Model is Php 1,295,000 for the manual transmission and Php 1,345,000 for the automatic transmission. Exterior colors are Urban Titanium, Taffeta White, and Crystal Black. For more information, please visit or any of the 29 authorized Honda dealerships nationwide.

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Long wait is over, The New Honda has arrived

August 05, 2013 - Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), Honda’s automobile business unit in the Philippines officially lets driving excitement soar high as it welcomes the All New CR-Z, Sport Hybrid Coupe at the NBC Tent in Taguig City; taking cue from the Filipino market’s enthusiastic reaction when the CR-Z MUGEN concept was first shown.

According to HCPI’s President and General Manager, Mr. Tatsuya Natsume, Honda felt the market’s strong desire for a sport hybrid coupe to be available here in the Philippines. The letters CR-Z stands for "Compact Renaissance Zero", which represents Honda's commitment to go back to the point of origin (zero) to take on the challenge to create a new compact car without being bound by the values of traditional coupés. "It is my privilege to be able to bring this product to the Philippines. With this product we aim to provide an unparalleled driving experience and rest assured we heard what Filipinos want from Honda. The New Honda has arrived," Natsume said. The Honda CR-Z is poised to create a new definition to mobility; successfully balancing sporty and eco.

The All New CR-Z uses a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine as the main source of power with an electric motor, Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA). Efficiently combining these two, Honda was able to create a new value for the Honda brand through a sport hybrid coupe for a new era. This combination enables drivers to have a responsive and exciting driving experience; thus achieving excellent fun-to-drive performance and exceptional fuel efficiency.

The unique combination of the two ideas sport and hybrid is something very unique to the CR-Z and to be able to fully demonstrate these opposing ideas,Honda developed two systems: 3-Mode Drive System and Plus Sport System.

3-Mode Drive System and Plus-Sport System

Honda introduced the "3-Mode Drive System"; this system lets the driver choose whether the hybrid system will be used for added performance, or for efficiency. With a push of a button, it allows drivers to freely shift to SPORT,NORMAL or ECON modes for different driving style and / or driving situations. The system applies integrated control over the engine's Drive by Wire, motor assist, CVT shift management, Electric Power Steering and air conditioner.

In SPORT mode, the vehicle uses the IMA system in order to provide extra power, while at the same time making the throttle pedal more sensitive to driver inputs. Meanwhile, in ECON mode, the IMA system assists more by limiting the amount of fuel used by the engine in order to achieve better efficiency. In NORMAL mode the driving performance and fuel economy are balanced.

Honda further pushes the envelope as the All New CR-Z now has an additional selection – the Plus-Sport System or S+ Button. This Plus-Sport system uses the charge from the battery to power the electric motor and give anadditional boost in acceleration that is comparable to a 3.0L V6 engine enabling more responsive acceleration to achieve additional fun and excitement while driving.

The all new CR-Z is capable of delivering maximum power of 136 ps @ 6600 rpm and maximum torque of 19.4 kg-m for the 6-speed manual transmission and 135 ps @ 6600 rpm and maximum torque of 17.4 kg-m for the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT 7-speed mode with paddle shifters).

Interior and Exterior Features

In order to create a sportier look, Honda designed the CR-Z with low vehicle height, a wide stance, and short vehicle length that projects a sporty image. This, while at the same time providing 2+2 passenger capacity, with a rear bench that features a one-touch fold down system that creates a cargo area with sufficient space to fit two golf bags.

Furthermore, the interior of the CR-Z aims for each occupant to feel a sense of excitement when inside the vehicle, which is why an advanced design for the instrument cluster was utilized, matched with high quality materials for the instrument panel. The sporty bucket type front seats featuring a black and red color combination give stability and comfort to the passengers.

One of Honda's primary thrusts includes comprehensive methodology to vehicle safety. For one's peace of mind, the All New CR-Z is packed with driver and assistant SRS airbags, side airbags with occupant position detection system, curtain airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), vehicle stability assist (VSA) and hill start assist.

Options and Pricing

"The arrival of the CR-Z means a lot to Honda, we feel that this particular model was able to connect to Filipinos. Since then, we thought of giving each customer a more personal approach in choosing his CR-Z and decided to offer 3 feature-packed variants, 2 transmission options and 6 colors," Natsume said. The Standard model is equipped with projector-type HID headlights, LED park lights, front fog lights, rain sensing front wipers, LED taillights, intermittent rear windshield wiper and 17" alloy wheels. HCPI is also offering the CR-Z Modulo variant equipped with Carbon Fiber finish under spoiler set, ducktail-type tailgate spoiler and Modulo emblem. And for the first time, HCPI is introducing a CR-Z MUGEN variant which is equipped with under spoiler set, MUGEN front grille, wing-type tailgate spoiler, MUGEN light-weight 17” alloy wheels, MUGEN exhaust system, Aero Illumination (LED Daytime Running Lights), rear fog lights, carbon fiber mirror cover and shift knob (for manual transmission only), MUGEN emblem and MUGEN floor mats.

Crafted to deliver an unparalleled driving experience and exceptional fuel efficiency, the Honda CR-Z is available with the following suggested retail prices:

  • Standard (Manual Transmission) Php 1,390,000
  • Standard (CVT with Paddle Shifters) Php 1,480,000
  • Modulo (Manual Transmission) Php 1,470,000
  • Modulo (CVT with Paddle Shifters) Php 1,560,000
  • MUGEN (Manual Transmission) Php 1,860,000
  • MUGEN (CVT with Paddle Shifters) Php 1,950,000
The All New CR-Z is available in six exciting colors, including:
  • Premium White Pearl
  • Crystal Black
  • Polished Metal
  • Milano Red
  • Premium Golden Purple Pearl
  • Turquoise Blue (CR-Z exclusive color)
With various choices available, the CR-Z offers a more personal Honda spirit of mobility bound to make every journey fun and enjoyable.
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All-New Honda CR-Z unleashes your passion to drive

June 3, 2013 - Ever dreamt of the day when driving would be a pleasure and not a chore? The day of driving a car that connects with you? Look no further, Honda, known for its high quality and high performance automobiles, delivers spirited driving pleasure to keep up with the dynamic needs of these modern times. Get ready, as the newest addition to the Honda Cars Philippines Inc.’s, Honda’s automobile business unit in the Philippines, line-up, the All-New CR-Z is bound to unleash your passion to drive.

Developing the CR-Z, Honda’s research and development team aimed for a car that is intrinsically fun to drive, that excites and pleases people around the world and consequently contributes to the preservation of the environment. These are the reasons why the CR-Z was born – a small sporty car that is fun to drive every day.

HCPI announced in April the coming of the Sport Hybrid Coupe, the All-New CR-Z in August. CR-Z stands for “Compact Renaissance Zero”, which represents Honda’s commitment to go back to the point of origin (zero) to take on the challenge to create a new compact car without being bound by the values of traditional coupés.

The CR-Z is equipped with Honda’s 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine combined with the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system that enables drivers to experience responsive and exciting dynamics. The 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine typically found in the City or Jazz delivers maximum power of 120 ps @ 6600 rpm and maximum torque of 14.8 kg-m; while the CR-Z is capable of delivering maximum power of 136 ps @ 6600 rpm and maximum torque of 19.37 kg-m for the 6-speed manual transmission and 135 ps @ 6600 rpm and maximum torque of 17.54 kg-m for the Continuously Variable transmission (CVT 7-speed mode with paddle shifters) thanks to the efficient combination of the 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine and the electric motor.

Furthermore, Honda developed what it calls the “Three-mode Drive System”; a push of a button allows drivers to freely shift to SPORT, NORMAL or ECON modes for different driving situations. The system applies integrated control over the engine’s Drive by Wire, Integrated Motor Assist (IMA), Electronic Power Steering (EPS), CVT, and air-conditioning. In SPORT mode, the vehicle uses the IMA system in order to provide extra power, while at the same time making the throttle pedal more sensitive to driver inputs. Meanwhile, in ECON mode, the IMA system assists more by limiting the amount of fuel used by the engine in order to achieve better efficiency. The NORMAL mode is the median between the SPORT and ECON modes.

And with the 3-Mode Drive System, the driver can also enjoy the ambient meter that expresses the driving style, fuel efficiency status and other information with different lighting colors. The default mode upon startup is Normal with ambient meter light in blue but when the driver achieves eco-driving, the light changes to green.

In Sport mode, the ring of the speedometer changes to red; this color creates a more exciting atmosphere. Honda further pushes the envelope as the All New CR-Z now has an additional selection – the Plus-Sport System or S+ Button option that enables more responsive acceleration to achieve additional fun and excitement while driving.

The All New CR-Z will come in Manual transmission and Continuously Variable transmission (CVT with paddle shifters) options and will be available in 3 variants. Aside from the standard model, HCPI will also offer the All New CR-Z Modulo1 variant (with Modulo aero kit) and the CR-Z MUGEN2 variant which will be equipped not only with the aero kit but also with the exhaust system and alloy wheels. The customers can choose from six colors: Premium White Pearl, Crystal Black, Polished Metal, Milano Red, and colors exclusive to the CR-Z are the Horizon Turquoise Blue and Cosmo Flash Violet. The price image for the CR-Z ranges from Php 1,400,000 to Php 2,100,000.

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Happy Honda Holidays

December 05, 2013 - Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) shares the holiday spirit as it offers its exclusive treats for customers to get that dream car off their Christmas list. Available until December 31, 2013, the Honda City, and certain variants of the Civic and CR-V are being offered with outright cash discounts, freebies and flexible financing schemes, making it easier for you to drive home a Honda.

The Honda City, pioneer of the subcompact segment continues to captivate with its rule-changing looks and features, not ordinarily found in other sub-compacts. The City sports an elegant yet sporty exterior complemented with luxurious interiors. Making it more captivating than ever, Honda is giving away PhP 40,000 outright cash incentives and freebies to its customers for all variants. Why don’t you hop in and feel instant connection with this sleek and sexy machine filled with premium, efficient and safety features.

Chiefly designed to deliver unparalleled driving experience, the Honda Civic provides spirited performance and technologically-advanced features that go perfectly well with its dynamic styling. Driving the All-New Civic is like driving two cars in one. It has the Civic pedigree of power, prestige, looks and performance and with just a push of the ECON button, the All-New Civic turns to a car of intelligent efficiency. The Civic has long been the face of Honda and has earned its place in the minds and hearts of the Philippine customers. As a way of showing HCPI’s appreciation, the Civic 1.8 E AT is available for as low as 15% down payment or PhP 126,200 or an outright cash benefit of P25,000 savings offer.

The Honda CR-V builds on qualities associated to its nameplate: comfortable ride, excellent maneuverability and a spacious and versatile interior while continuously introducing new technology to enhance driving enjoyment and ownership experience. What's more, enjoy up to PhP 20,000 savings or an initial cash outlay of PhP 188,500 for the 2.0 S variant. So, where are you taking the CR-V this season?

Don’t know what to buy yet? Visit for more details and experience Christmas car shopping at any of the 29 Honda dealerships nationwide and reward yourself with your dream Honda car. This promo is covered by DTI IV-A Permit No. 12-336, Series of 2013 and DTI IV-A Permit No. 12-337, Series of 2013. Happy Honda holidays!

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